Omake Post! Finding the Blue: Goodies and Extras

Thursday, 3 September 2009 at 00:27

Okay, so as you may have noticed the chief of art has been very busy creating a new background for Finding The Blue. And despite me initially falling into a few 'traps' it came out really well!


On top of this, he also created some great wallpapers, banners, skyscraper banners and so on. So if you wanna spread the word about this blog or simply just want pictures of Otoha to drool at, here's your resource! Click read more to view the contents of the omake!

IMPORTANT: Click all images to enlarge them. Ignore the blurry Jpeg thumbnails!

700px x 100px Banner

700px x 100px Banner

120px x 600px Skyscraper Banner

200px x 40px Link Exchange Banner

1024px x 768px Wallpaper

1280px x 1024px Wallpaper

Thank you very much chief of art!

Of course, all characters images and liklinesses used WITHOUT permission. But we promote your games, not make money them. Remember that, Makura Soft!

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