Return of Finding the Blue

Sunday, 29 November 2009 at 14:48

Ok, so I haven't posted much lately, and I was thinking of closing FTB because of work to do and various duties. However I keep track of visits to here just for the sake of statistics. Most people come for the DanceXMixer post I made but today I noticed some visitors coming from a different place.

Basically it's a blog called 'otaku elimination' and FTB was featured on it. Today I was thinking of making a blog comeback and just blog about stuff I'm interested in as well as eroge stuff. I don't want to blog to deadlines, so I will leave the monthly releases to Micchi because he does it much better than me anyway. Anyway, I came today thinking I would make a big return and start blogging for enjoyment and not work but I have been attacked before I started orz

It is embarassing looking at what they said about this place because I think a lot of it is true 。・゜・(/Д`)・゜・。 I need to improve my writing I think. It's easy for me to write good about things I like, but some news I am not interested in at all.

The Otaku Elimination Game is hoping to remove ill-use of 'Otaku' around the internet. I think they are right about some big shops taking over, but I don't know if I agree with the methods. Maybe there is a more peaceful way to go about this target. They spotted the partition in the right sidebar, I have had that for a while now. I want people to support it, but I feel embarassed to tell my full thoughts here.

Somehow I passed the game. Am I a otaku? I suppose it is not my place to say after all that they have said. I don't want to go through to round 2 though. I like visitors to FTB, but I don't like a lot of people watching my every move...

Anyway, from now on I will try to blog about more things, do more reviews. I keep wanting to do music reviews because I feel myself evaluating songs and albums in my head when I am on my own. Should I try reviewing some anime too? Fall season starts soon, maybe I can pick an anime and say what I think about it each week.

I think I will try to avoid figures. Otaku Elimination has shown me a lot of blogs that review figures, so I think to do the same would be a waste of time. I will just preview some of the favorites I see.

From now I think I will have more fun blogging. I tried to be a news blog before, but I think I wasn't up to scratch and I don't have the time either. Now I can blog about anime/manga/eroge/figures/music/tech/games and other things that interest me. I'll get started right now!

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