[REVIEW] Stray Light by Wintermute feat. 初音ミク

Sunday, 29 November 2009 at 16:09
I am really pleased to make this my comeback post, and from my point of view, it's an honour to review this. It's been on my playlist for weeks and I always enjoy listening to it. The album is by Wintermute and it's called "Stray Light". Recently I have been really tired of hearing Hatsune Miku. I like her voice, but she is being overkilled on nico nico douga videos. This album has given me a new love for her voice all over again.
  • Artist: Wintermute feat. 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
  • Title: Stray Light
  • Tracks: 16
  • Genre: Pop/Rock/Ambient

  1. Jupiter Pop
  2. Sleeping in the Red
  3. Mint Tea
  4. Postscript
  5. 秋の空 (Virtual)
  6. 記憶の錆色
  7. Song of Pixie
  8. スニーカ
  9. Reality
  10. Fury, Melancholy And Joy
  11. Mint Tea (Mango Roots mix)
  12. Postscript (Mango Magic mix)
  13. スニーカ (Mango Leaf Mix)
  14. Song of Pixie (Bossa Study)
  15. 秋の空 (Real)
  16. Mint Tea (Prototype)
In case you were wondering, Wintermute's name and the title of the album are both a homage to my favorite cyberpunk book by William Gibson named "Neuromancer". In the book, Wintermute is an Artificial Intelligence who ordered a man named Armitage to conduct the "Straylight Run" with Molly Millions and Case. They must travel to the Villa Straylight located in an anti-gravity city named 'Freeside' and merge the two AIs Wintermute and Neuromancer to change Cyberspace forever.

If you like anime and manga such as Ghost in the Shell, Akira and Appleseed then you will certainly love the book and the rest of the trilogy.

I am a big lover of Trance music and other forms of electronic music, so along with the Cyberpunk themes on the album cover I thought this would be an aural depiction of the Neuromancer world with hints of Miku's signature vocals (Which is a very cyberpunk concept I think). The album was incredibly different from my predictions. Let me explain.

Imagine a city of the future. Gone are the dirty glass buildings and smoggy streets as conveyed in many Cyberpunk novels, no more underground trading and black companies. Our world just got intelligent.

In a unique genre I would like to dub as 'Intelligent Rock' Stray Light shows us Wintermute's view of the future; a world of clean-white terminal screens and abstract concepts born entirely of an artificial mind where the software meets the soul. If AI was to produce music it would sound like this; bright, clear riffs with a raw yet perfectly timed beat, giving the album a real 'Advanced Analogue' vibe.

Tracks like Reality, Fury, Melancholy and Joy, Song of Pixie and スニーカ are thought provoking, mind-clearing works of excellence that have helped me through many a coding session and ignited my brain to think of new ways to approach problems.

This is the kind of world I can't help but imagine when I listen to Stray Light. Something very similar to net animation Eve no Jikan (イヴの時間)

The album is divided in two. With Mint Tea (Mango Roots Mix) kicking off the largely-electronically-dominated side of the album; an ambient trip into standby mode compiled of chilled out remixes of the previous tracks.


Stray Light is a Yin and a Yang of luminant, thought-provoking soft rock and a cool flow of ambient beats and melodies with Hatsune Miku providing colourless, crystaline vocals that produce a facade of emotional feelings inaugrated as a result of compliance to thousands of lines of self-composed code dictating all of her synthetic thoughts and curiosities.

All in All, Stray Light is a real masterpiece and I can't wait to hear more of Wintermute's music. There is no doubt in my mind that this will ever truely leave my collection.

You can listen to some tracks from this album plus more of Wintermute's music on his youtube channel:


The Album Stray Light can be purchased here

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