[PREVIEW] My Girlfriend is the PRESIDENT! (幼なじみは大統領) 宇宙人, 毒電波, 幼なじみ, 国際政治!? (Aliens, Dokudenpa, Childhood friends, Politics!?)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009 at 22:27
ALcot 『幼なじみは大統領』 応援中!

Okay, so I apologise once again for the lack of demo-previews. I will try and get them done sometime this week, thankfully I have a good excuse, which is basically I'm back in education. It was tough life as a ronin, but I survived! (a few months summer break. But ronin makes me sound cool).

Either way, once I am back in routine, I should be OK. Also, Chief of Artさん is also going to be absent for a while too.

Anyway, about every few months websites and blogs such as アキバBlog focus on a particular eroge for their own reasons that I don't really understand. Either way, the flavour-of-the-month is 幼なじみは大統領 or "My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT" (Osanna for short) and it is a strange game indeed. Click "Read More" to read more.

You can't blame ALcot for not venturing into the unknown, they have travelled all across the eroge genre map and really explored uncharted territory, but nobody expected this.

The story starts off normally, our protagonist wakes up; his childhood friend Yukino next door is the president and her house is now the Whitehouse. Now I know what you are thinking: "That isn't normal at all!" Oh yes it is, that's nothing compared to how this came about in the first place:

Aliens visited earth in order to start a diplomatic relationship with them, however it was just so unfortunate enough that the spaceship fell out of the sky and crushed all of the ministers (I am not making this up).

So how does the alien fix the problem? Simple: Brainwash all of Japan and put a young girl in charge, oh and because the alien didn't know much about Japan, they implemented a presidential system (Like the US. I blame NASAs signals). So because of this, not only is there the most strangely placed Whitehouse in the world. Our protagonist is running as vice president to help support Yukino...首相? 閣下?

As if that wasn't enough, it seems Vladmir Putin (
プーチン ), the current President of Russia also has a female rendition...

So err, let's go onto the CGs and have a look at the characters? I feel like I am violating some sort of law by posting pictures of such important people :P

First up we have Ouhama Yukino (桜濱 雪乃) , childhood friend and...President of Japan.

There's something cute about Yukino. Maybe it's because I associate them with Akari from ToHeart, but Yukino seems very cute in her own way. She's also embedded with a brainwashing device in her body. Yeah.

Illna Urajimilovana Puchina(ーナ・ウラジ ミロヴナ・プチナ) I'm sorry, I really do not understand her original English or Russian Name, so we'll call her Puchin (プーチン) like Putin.

She's the president (or equivilent) of Russia, and is ALcot's version of Putin. She's not far off either, apart from the fact that Putin isn't a young girl with long silver hair. But we can still dream. I don't really know how much more I can say without offending our international members. Not because of any particular reason, but for the sake of not wanting to give the wrong image. I do not understand Russian politics at all.

Next we have "Kouchuufune Wezekieru" (航宙船ヱゼキエル) That's 'Space-flight ship Wezekieru' ('Spaceship' isn't correct here really). But importantly for us, it's "Eru" for short.

She's certainly an alien I wouldn't mind meeting. I think she is much less scary than green martians. She's clumsy and afraid of heights too. She is very interested in Japan and she is in search of love. She even said herself "Please teach me about love!". If that isn't an invitation, I don't know what is. If I play this game, I will choose her route.

Finally we have the dark horse of the main characters: Chief of Staff Miyoshi Ran (三芳 蘭)

Well let's face it, it wouldn't be an eroge without more than a few members of female cast, so of course there's going to be other characters. In this case we have Ran, the Onee-chan. Because if at first you don't succeed, go for her sister.

※American dubbing! Offical too. Perfect if you don't understand Japanese!

Morning hardonwwwwww

It really made me laugh how ALcot has decided to go American in their approach to the OP. This game looks really interesting, but October has some great titles coming up too. So I'll definitely be playing and reviewing the demos in order to sort the good from the bad. Or to put it more delicately: what you may or may not want to spend your time on. 

However, I think this may be too unique to miss =P

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